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I was beginning to realize about then just how much times have changed.

How it brought back melodramas of a pre-war pacifist past!

“So,” says the German, “the west will defend us against the east and the east wants to defend us against the west. ” The truth is that both sides want Germany to defend itself against the other side.

Both sides know that constructive peace cannot begin in Europe as long as Germany is cut in two.

Most of the other people who were saying that Europe must be saved from a strong Germany were saying now that only a strong Germany can save Europe. The bankers must have been already on their way back to Switzerland. Mandel, the real, live munitions maker, was sitting alone. He still had the cigar in his mouth and seemed to be looking for a match. But then those were different wars and he never expected the Red Russians to win any of them. I went back over to the other side of the lake and did some brooding of my own.

One read that before coming there, but still one had gone to Germany expecting to learn something new about the Nazis. Maybe that’s what he was thinking about; or maybe he was brooding over the third war. to encourage the Germans to fight (or at least impress the Russians). But to fight Communism by encouraging Fascism is something else.

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